Apple Keynote Bingo

September Event 2015 Edition


Play again?
Shut up, BonoFirst “hands-on” from CNet that is anything butComputer controlled milling machine action shotApply Pay statsJony – you could do with some botox, bae.
Marco Arment tweets “‘Shit’ – [maker of usurped feature]”The moment when you ponder what this means for NintendoThey Didn’t Forget About DreThat moment when you didn‘t think you wanted one, but you really do“Oh, you started with a single piece of aluminium, did you?”
Incrementally better cameraDemos showing inexplicable lack of concern at being muggedFreeSpaceThat’s a NICE new Apple StoreFirst troll-y article claiming to be “bored of Apple”
The still odd concept of Zane Lowe working for AppleA tweet that just says “oooh” followed by a bunch of hashtagsStealthy upgrade to a product not mentioned in the KeynoteWhat is the use case re: Tinder?“Billion”
Phil SchillerMG Siegler swears in a tweetSir Jony IveAn incomprehensible quantity of iMessages allegedly deliveredPhil Schiller serves some Samsung or Google baiting shade

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