Apple Keynote Bingo

September Event 2015 Edition


Play again?
Tim Cook“Let me show it to you”Enterprise! Woo yeah! *rolls eyes*“Billion”Demos showing inexplicable lack of concern at being mugged
“Oh, you started with a single piece of aluminium, did you?”Amazing new TV service (coming “soon” to the rest of the world)All the colours! Available in all the colours!“Will it bend?”ZING! Take THAT Google!
Incrementally better cameraPhil Schiller serves some Samsung or Google baiting shadeFreeSpacePoorly implemented cloud featuresEXCRUCIATING third party demo
Inane fratboy-esque whooping from the audienceThe still odd concept of Zane Lowe working for AppleEddy Cue does some dad dancingComplaints that it does have USB-CPrice point slightly too high, but not high enough to stop you buying
Computer controlled milling machine action shotThat creepy VT of the new office with the Steve Jobs voiceoverU2! Really? REALLY?Disappointment as all the rumours turn out to be EXACTLY true9.42am!

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