Apple Keynote Bingo

September 2017 Edition


Play again?
“It’s in beta, right now” ZING! Take THAT Google! Footage of pleasingly diverse (for Apple) employees in a glass meeting room Stealthy upgrade to a product not mentioned in the Keynote “Partnership”
That moment when you didn‘t think you wanted one, but you really do Siri on more stuff – more uselessness, more of the time Tim Cook’s thin, watery smile New office… or Deathstar? HOW MUCH?!?!?
Steve Jobs Medical Centre “Oh, you started with a single piece of aluminium, did you?” FreeSpace Steve Jobs Staff Restaurant Retweet of Oatmeal cartoon about owning an Apple product
“But I’ve already given the NSA my fingerprints…” “Here it is” Inane fratboy-esque whooping from the audience A new app that looks OK, but nothing special Apple’s lack of diversity manifests itself on stage once again
Disappointment as all the rumours turn out to be EXACTLY true Everyone loses their shit about something technical Glimmers of hope that ARKit might actually have practical applications Advert 4K Apple TV is only actually 3.999K

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