Apple Keynote Bingo

Hello Again
October 2016 Edition


Play again?
Hopes the “music” act isn‘t a DJ cross-fading on the touchbar Computer controlled milling machine action shot Where’s the Mac Pro update, Apple? No headphone port! *Muppet arm flail* Content rights holders visibly soiling themselves
Tim Cook’s thin, watery smile Everyone loses their shit about something technical Inane fratboy-esque whooping from the audience New Apple TV screensavers (because that will fix it, obviously) Jony: “I won’t be happy until it’s just a featureless block of metal”.
Lots of iPhone-shot pictures of smiling Caucasians Market analysts hoping consumers “swipe-right” on new MacBooks FreeSpace “We hope you like it” Siri on more stuff - more uselessness, more of the time
9.42am! Price point slightly too high, but not high enough to stop you buying Here comes the finance bit! The Verge hits 10 “articles” before the thing’s even finished New office… or Deathstar?
“We think it’s great” Retweet of Oatmeal cartoon about owning an Apple product “Let me show it to you” New, fairly dreary, feature gets ridiculous name (e.g. “Power Station”) Stealthy upgrade to a product not mentioned in the Keynote

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