Apple Keynote Bingo


Play again?
The Verge hits 10 “articles” before the thing’s even finishedEddy Cue“Exciting”iOS 7 still not looking finishedFirst troll-y article claiming to be “bored of Apple”
“Android already does that!”“10 ways to get more page views about the iWatch” – Business Insider“It’s available in beta today”“mini”New, patent pending, “unnes-accessory”
BuzzFeed animated GIF listiclePioneering new design (i.e. thinner)FreeSpace“Really cool”Stealthy upgrade to a product not mentioned in the Keynote
“It just works”Better GPS means more accurate “location-based dating”New HQ continues to feel like vapourwareNikeiWatch! About. Fucking. Time.
BEGONE, SKEUMORPHS! You are not welcome here!Retweet of Oatmeal cartoon about owning an Apple productPleather bumper for those pining for skeuomorphismToo long spent going over new Siri featuresTim Cook’s thin, watery smile

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