Apple Keynote Bingo

WWDC 2015 Edition


Play again?
That’s a NICE new Apple StoreComputer controlled milling machine action shotSir Jony IveThe still odd concept of Zane Lowe working for AppleDisappointment as all the rumours turn out to be EXACTLY true
Phil SchillerPrice point slightly too high, but not high enough to stop you buyingSomething something Game of Thrones somethingIt’s an Apple software product – will it work?BuzzFeed animated GIF listicle
They Didn’t Forget About DreHere comes the finance bit!FreeSpaceTim Cook’s thin, watery smile“We think it’s great”
Mike Monteiro says something outrageous in a tweetA tweet that just says “oooh” followed by a bunch of hashtagsStealthy upgrade to a product not mentioned in the Keynote“Oh, you started with a single piece of aluminium, did you?”Instagrammed photo of the Keynote (a.k.a. Tim Cook with a vintage feel)
Everyone loses their shit about something technicalVague information about Apple Pay connectivityStreaming free for iTunes Match users? Yes!Eddy CueOX X.XI – Sunset Strip

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