Apple Keynote Bingo

September 2017 Edition


Play again?
Steve Jobs Medical Centre [a Drag Race GIF that perfectly illustrates something] Steve Jobs Theatre “It’s in beta, right now” Disappointment as all the rumours turn out to be EXACTLY true
H*cking Brexit Losing track of the number of things Steve Jobs would never have allowed Wireless charging! Great! *throws a dozen Lightning cables in the trash* Nice independent software maker totally undermined by a new feature A new app that looks OK, but nothing special
New Apple TV screensavers (because that will fix it, obviously) Eddy Cue does some dad dancing FreeSpace “I’ll never get used to that!” *gets used to it almost immediately* Poorly implemented cloud features
Steve Jobs Staff Restaurant Phil Schiller Totally off-the-mark and utterly uncool original video content Everyone loses their shit about something technical “We love music, but you wouldn’t think so given this closing performance”
Smiling children in an emerging market play with an iPad Something to do with home automation. A refrigerator perhaps? HOW MUCH?!?!? Steve Jobs Multi-Faith Prayer Room Tim Cook

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