Apple Keynote Bingo


Play again?
“Jimmy Iodine? Iovine. Whatever.”Relief that there’s not a new connectorYour obsoleted laptop follows its time-to-die signalTo the tune of “Mna-mna”: “Peripheral-do-do-do-do-do!”Grammatically-confusing Benedict Evans blogpost
Music streaming’s a thing. Who knewNew, patent pending, “unnes-accessory”9.42am!Knowing you shouldn’t update but doing it anywayPioneering new design (i.e. thinner)
Even more judgment of Tim, now that he's been in the post longerNew feature not rolled out to legacy productFreeSpacePleather bumper for those pining for skeuomorphismPrice point slightly too high, but not high enough to stop you buying
New product likely to have poorly implemented cloud featuresSomething to do with home automation. A refrigerator perhaps“We think it’s great”Computer controlled milling machine action shotTim Cook’s thin, watery smile
“10 ways to get more page views about the iWatch” – Business Insider“nano”Mike Monteiro says something outrageous in a tweetHealth monitoring features. It's all about the stats, folksInstagrammed photo of the Keynote (a.k.a. Tim Cook with a vintage feel)

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