Apple Keynote Bingo


Play again?
Retweet of Oatmeal cartoon about owning an Apple productBono. FFSHealth monitoring features. It’s all about the stats, folksToo long spent going over new Siri featuresHealthKit measures just how many miles your demons have made you run
Oh. A new version of iTunes. Great.MG Siegler swears in a tweetComputer controlled milling machine action shotYour obsoleted laptop follows its time-to-die signalNew screen made from ludicrously expensive substance
“nano”Something to do with home automation. A refrigerator perhapsFreeSpaceRancid new coloursTo the tune of “Mna-mna”: “Peripheral-do-do-do-do-do!”
Better GPS means more accurate “location-based dating”No mention of the TV thing that no-one actually wants“Android already does that!”Awful game uses INCREDIBLE new GPU capacity“Look at that”
A new app that looks OK, but nothing specialFirst blog post about why you need both iPhones for your “workflow”A rubbish middle-of-the-road singeriWatch! About. Fucking. Time.First “hands-on” from CNet that is anything but

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