Apple Keynote Bingo

Hello Again
October 2016 Edition


Play again?
Headphone jack now via USB-C -> lightning -> 3.5mm adapter“Let me show it to you”Beats 2: all the middle-of-the-roads hits, all the time.Stealthy upgrade to a product not mentioned in the KeynoteA new app that looks OK, but nothing special
Poorly implemented cloud featuresDisappointment as all the rumours turn out to be EXACTLY trueTim CookJoke about exploding Note 7sRetweet of Oatmeal cartoon about owning an Apple product
“Billion”Apple Pay statsFreeSpace9.42am!First “hands-on” from CNet that is anything but
Where’s my 5K monitor, Apple?Enterprise! Woo yeah! *rolls eyes*Eddy Cue does some dad dancingComputer controlled milling machine action shotDreadful skit
That moment when you didn‘t think you wanted one, but you really do[Seriously, tho – MagSafe was ace. WHY, APPLE? WHY?]“I’ll never get used to that!” *gets used to it almost immediately*You get a Pro thing, You get a Pro thing, EVERYBODY GETS A PRO THING!Phil Schiller

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